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Firstly, let me welcome you here. I believe if you have found my site you have arrived for a reason, (whatever it may be!).  I hope and trust you enjoy and are interested by the information I have provided.

I have been on an interesting journey through life, one that has ultimately led me to my present destination - here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I was fortunate enough to fall into my wonderful occupation as a Homoeopath, when I was at an extremely low point in my life and totally disgruntled with my previous work as a Medical Personal Assistant, working within the hospitals of the N.H.S (National Health Service) in London, UK.  Feeling frustrated with conventional methods of treatment for patients, I began to seek out other alternative avenues of healing, which I could resonate with.  I collected and digested every article on Alternative Healing I could find, until one day I came across a health article about a lady who had been healed with Homoeopathy on many different levels,  this article imparted so much excitement to me, that it became the catalyst for me to return to study.  Before I knew what I was doing, I had enrolled myself with 'The College of Homoeopathy' in London for a degree (three year full time study course).  Going back to study after many years away, was very challenging on many levels, however, I was determined to succeed and enthused at the thought that I would become a Doctor of Homoeopathy.

Each student was required to undergo Homoeopathic treatments themselves, (these I believe enabled me to be rid of the Epilepsy Petit Mal that had plagued me for years), since I was a fourteen year old.  I suffered with absences, losing the string of a conversation.  So I was totally elated, when after visiting my Neurologist, (on my insistence that I no longer had Epilepsy) and having undergone a barrage of various tests and a M.R.I examination, that the Consultant, with a bemused and confused look on his face, agreed with me and declared that I no longer exhibited any signs of Epilepsy and was therefore completely healed.

Not only do I believe Homoeopathy healed my Epilepsy but in addition other mental/emotional blockages and traumas which had been locked away for a very long time.

Having just completed my degree as a Homoeopath and knowing of my growing interest in Alternative Medicine, a family member informed me of a course that was running in Pyrford, Surrey, a two and a half to three hour journey from where I lived.

Initially, I agreed to go and have a treatment with the man running the Healing Course - Jack Temple, who was a Dowser/Healer.  I was feeling somewhat burnt out and rather sceptical of this different method of healing, but after  having his treatment, I was amazed at the changes in my body I was experiencing, (being quite sensitive to energy) and felt this was something I needed to investigate and explore further.  So once again, I signed up to do further study, (three years in total), with this Medical Dowsing which I realised could be tied in quite nicely with my Homoeopathy. 

Over the years, my work has become more and more refined, and as I tell my patients, "this is not a job, but a passion".  I enjoy watching and experiencing the recovery of my patients and feel very blessed to be a conduit through which the healing travels to my clients.

Today I practice as a Professional Medical Dowser and treat people, locally and from all over the world.  In recent times, I have embarked on another leg of my journey, adding to my repetoire, House Dowsing, thereby helping patients cope with environmental factors such as Geopathic Stress and EMF's etc in addition to their Mental/Emotional, Physical and Spiritual ailments.

"Where Intention Goes - Energy Flows"

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*Vivian uses her intuitive skills as a medical dowser tapping into a natural force to help her identify areas of health consideration. Please note that Vivian will not ask you to give up any medically prescribed medication or interfere with any medically prescribed treatment plan, rather add to this so that you can you may be proactive in your recovery and if required reassess your condition with your medical doctor. This treatment plan suits many patients looking for a more gentle and natural approach to their health care improvement.


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